Coaching Classes- We've All Been There

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                Coaching centres for the various entrance exams have become almost an integral part of the Indian education system. Students from all over the country flock to these centres like bees to nectar. These coaching centres have set their roots so deep that students often drop out of normal school to attend these classes and give their board exams through open schools. Now one major question arises; are these coaching centres really THAT good or are students just blindly following the “trend” like cattle blindly following the leader of the pack? 

My stand on the matter is clear. These coaching centres have done a great job of taking students fresh off the rack and turning them into dummies. I know that a lot of you may flinch at the previous statement but let me explain myself. Schools and the curriculum taught in schools are designed to educate the students in every aspect - schools aim at the overall growth of a student. Hence, schools are a place of learning that mould young boys and girls to decent human beings capable of leading the world (well, they try). On the other hand, these coaching centres are like factories churning out robots with high GPAs and zero knowledge. I have been a student at one of the country’s leading coaching centres and let me tell you, my friend, it is hell. Hours upon hours of classes and you don’t learn shit. You are just taught how to solve numerical problems and how to clear the entrance exams. That’s all anyone cares about. As soon as you enter the facilities, things like creativity, inspiration go out the window. There’s no proper explanation or any attempt to engage the student’s curiosity, and the funny thing is no one gives a damn. The only thing that’s on their minds is clearing the exams. It doesn’t really matter if they actually learn something or not. Apparently some coaching institutes offer programs starting from the 6th grade. Quite rightly so - the sooner, the better. 


Coaching classes

Why give kids the chance of having a life when they can spend their life-solving integration and organic chemistry problems? We have coaching institutes that prepare students for other coaching institutes as well. Yes, dumb and dumber didn’t enlighten the public much and they decided to go for dumb and dumber two. 

This is what the Indian education system has come to - a charade of well-trained, not well-educated, robots with brains full of theoretical concepts and formulae, but who churn and writhe at the first sign of any practical approach to a problem. Of course, there is the argument that those students actually clear the exams as one can see that from the numerous advertisements they post in the country’s leading newspapers. We need to look closely to see the bigger picture. For every 10 students who make it, hundreds don’t. Coaching centres usually focus on the best and the brightest as they are their trump cards while the students that fall in the average category are left to their own devices.

Like everything else, there are, as they say, two sides to the story. While I may seem biased about the whole topic, I think there is one very important question we need to ask ourselves. What is the whole point of education? Is it just training dummies with zero aspirations to work in the factories and MNCs? Oh yes, paycheque. That amazing word. It’s such a cute Indian phenomenon, where otherwise-coy neighbourhood aunties don’t even blink once while asking a young bachelor men how much their pay-package is. I believe that there’s something more to it. Does the world need more lifeless engineers, doctors, and politicians or does the world need more human beings who are devoted to their art and who actually enjoy and understand their contribution to the human race? If we think hard enough, the answer will be as clear as daylight.

Photography By: Sumit Thakur