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Carpe diem - Seize the day


We always question things that pique our curiosity and make us wonder.

As I sit here pondering over whether I should email my work supervisor or not, I find myself at one of the most eternal and evergreen questions of our existence — Carpe Diem or Quidquid accidit, Quid melius?

Seize the moment, or whatever happens, happens for the best?

Make your fate, or wait for life to happen to you?

You see, fate is a funny and intelligent thing. You can totally picture how it would look were it a human – a Mr. Fate would be looking all dapper in a navy-blue suit, with a smug, know-it-all look on his face, while Ms.Fate would be the one wearing a Manish Malhotra dress, with an, it’s fun to want all kinds of things while I decide what really happens to you, smirk on her face. 

I take dive into my memories to see its workings throughout my personal experiences, and I come to a conclusion— go at things with all your heart and honesty, but learn to leave the rest to that smug in the suit. 

Let me put it into perspective.

You have a crush on someone who you’ve never spoken to at all, you always have those. If you choose to keep it that way and sit like the duck you are, those hotties are never going to know if you even exist. But say today you decide to right the wrong, you decide to tell them who you are and how you feel, your chances will start to agree, but in fate’s good time.

It’s your first day at work. You’ve been dumped with an assignment you have very little knowledge about, that’s always the first one. If you choose to stare at it like a scarecrow, and wait for the ‘best’ to happen to you later, you are going to lose your job by the end of the day. But say you decide to squeeze your brains, you try to make some sense of the task at hand, and contribute how much ever you can, and then hope for the best, it may just work; at least put you under a positive light.


Carpe diem


I have always been a person who likes being on her toes: toasted with work and loaded with things to do. That is till I reach a point where I can’t handle it anymore, and thereby ask myself if I should just sit back and let life happen as it pleases. And this lasts till my father, always, hits me up with a lesson of gold. It’s been the same since I was six —  

“Look at both your hands. Your left hand has the things which are already in your fate, which are beyond your control, your past life, karma etc. Your right hand is all about the future. It has the things which can change your fate, which are within your control.

Which hand is more logical to adhere to?

Your right hand. You do what you have to do, and leave whatever is beyond your control, to the Universe”

Try it, and you won’t be disappointed. 

Everything happens for the best of reasons, but the stepping stones to make it happen are yours to cross. You have to go for it, make a start.

Carpe Diem — Sollicite cura bit (Do your bit) — Quidquid accidit, Quid melius

If you have strict parents at home, and your friends want to go out and party, don’t assume; ask them for permission. If declined, let it go. You had to try.

Go for that dream job. Work for it day in and day out. If it still doesn’t happen, look out for greener pastures because better things are yet to come.

Write that damn email you’re so worried about; write it as craftily and appropriately as possible. Some response is better than no response. 

Write a song. Join a play, act. Build your own company. Put your best foot forward. Your life is your world, dream big, and work for it. The things beyond your control are the ones to be left to fate, not the possibilities. Your hopes are to bloom in the sun of action, not drown in the sand of fear. 

Nike says it the best, doesn’t it? 

Sketch By: Sneha Lakhotia