Bloody Mondays!

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Monday Blues


“It’s just another day”, he told me casually.

“No it’s not! It’s Monday!”, I replied.

How many of us feel the same way? “Monday blues”, as we like to call it. So, I googled if Mondays are really the worst. I stumbled upon this site which had pretty interesting stuff, and was convinced that Mondays are really as bad as everyone says. 

Here’s why:

Most of us don’t begin to smile until post 11 in the morning. So the next time you find yourself smiling on a Monday before 11 in the morning, remember that you are one of the very few who is capable to do that or you have just gone plain crazy.

Over 50% employees are late to work. I don’t know if the other 50% are super humans or just decide to sleep in the office on Sundays!

A British medical journal reported 20% increase in heart attacks. The Monday effect could also be the cardiac hangover from weekend partying. A study found that in Ireland (where binge-drinking on the weekends is common), blood pressure rose on Mondays. But in France, where alcohol intake was spaced more evenly throughout the week, blood pressure didn’t show this pattern.

MondayPeople between 45 to 54 moan for 12 minutes on an average on Mondays.

Apparently, the most preferred way to beat the Monday blues is to make love or watch the television. Let’s be honest for a moment - is that even possible on a Monday morning?

But is it really true? Actually, there’s a study done by the University of Sydney. According to the study, people expect Mondays to be lousy since the weekends are usually fun. So, the belief that Monday is going to be bad makes it bad for the person holding such a belief. Crazy stuff!

But really, if Mondays were to be declared holidays for the sake of people’s health. Tuesdays would replace Mondays.

I don’t know if Mondays are really at fault or we just like to make it a scapegoat for the sake of cursing the whole damn week! But whatever it is, I am glad there are Saturdays and Sundays…

Especially Saturday nights.