It’s a pleasant morning. The absence of my roommate surprises me as he is never up this early. I check my phone and see there is no service on it. I come out of my dorm room and climb down to the ground floor. Strangely, the whole hostel is empty.

I am outside and no humans in the vicinity. Weird. Is this a dream? I ask myself. Looks pretty real to me. I am on the road and there are no moving vehicles, no horns blaring, only silence. A deafening silence. Now I am getting anxious. I pinch myself to check if I am actually dreaming. Nothing out of ordinary happened last night. Where is everyone? Where did everyone go?


My heart is pacing and I feel a fear rising inside me. Fear of a blank planet. Or maybe I am dead and stuck in a limbo. How long will I be here? I start walking on the road. It is endless. I keep walking in search of something unknown as if it is pulling me towards it. I see a bright blinding white light now and as I am approaching it my body is getting engulfed in ecstasy. Is that God? Or is it death that I am approaching? My mind feels blank. I have no memory, I don’t know who I am. I don’t know what I am. I feel everything is me and I am everything. Do you believe in life after death? Maybe there is an afterlife after all. Where do we all go when we die? This question has no answer because there is no one to account for it. Is death the end? Or is it a beginning of something new?

Doctor - “We are losing him. I think he doesn’t wish to live anymore.”
Nurse - “He has been in a comatose state for over a year now, I think we should tell his family that they have to let him go.”

“You’re somewhere
You’re nowhere
You don’t care
You catch the breeze
You still the leaves
So now where? ”

-Porcupine Tree

Sketch By: Divyank Sinha