Everyday Heroism: The Struggle Between Saying And Doing

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Saying vs Doing


            Motivational writing is marmite – you either relish perusing over it or you’re just not bothered enough to care. Let’s start off with the preamble that what follows is not a clichéd endeavour to spur on the lazy couch potato that is pulling you into the metaphorical quagmire of life. No. Instead, it’s an assortment of spontaneous thoughts arranged logically to examine the relevancy of the titled plastered above.

It’s quite ambitious to think one can incite the readers with a string of sentences meant to prick their conscience. Funny, even. But then, men have accomplished countrywide revolutions with a decisive swish of their quill, not to mention orations.

So here’s a gentle poke to that spirit.

It’s Always Easier Said than Done, Innit?

You’re thinking – hang on, didn’t you just throw the idea of cliché out the window? Then why choose this phrase that epitomises clichés?

Well, in all honesty, we shall begin with harmless clichés and smoothly segue into novelty.

The world lives by a myriad of rules and perceptions that exist by virtue of practice. Every person carves out a niche for his/her essential existence that is defined by one’s abilities to perform duties or functions. As long as you can keep the shiny side up, you’ve cracked it.

You must know your strengths and limits, and what it takes to be the best at what you do. 

Your credibility is measured by the extent to which you can stand by your claims — be it an ultra-wealthy businessman in the middle-east who runs a multi-billion dollar oil rig or a racing driver who rubs shoulders with another twenty of his kind while moving at 300 kph, inches from the ground.

If words translate to action, you’re paid in dividends. The contrary is better not talked about.

Stepping aside from the gargantuan analogies cited above, it really does matter how well your promises translate to results that you can show for. 

Yes, you’re thinking – it’s a cruel world (and that yours truly is a pitiless writer who derives pleasure from sounding ominous). Well, of course it is.

You don’t get handed things that easy and, to be honest, where’s the fun in that? Earn your worth.

Easier said than done, innit?

The Thinkers, the Talkers and the Doers

Imagining Shia LaBeouf’s inspirational discourse, are we? Just do it!

But kindly let yours truly explain the fact of the matter in less flamboyant terms.

We all know that stereotypical person in our friend circle who claims to be able to master everything under the sun. The Jack of all Trades. An armchair enthusiast, if you like. The Talker. He has a lot of fingers in a lot of pies.

A man of this ilk prefers conversing about grandiose ideas and how they can be conveniently achieved at the drop of a hat.

True, his societal perception may lie in the respectable quarters, courtesy the claims and arguments galore. But on a day when it really matters, he chooses to bail out with trivial excuses because the act is just too hollow to be actually ‘done’. You get the drift.

‘I could do that, but I won’t’ is a typical manifestation of the contagious disease called laziness and fear of rejection. It’s a statement best left unused in any state of play – unless you are fully aware of your abilities, which I seriously doubt. 




Kick the Habit

This shall not be seen as a sermon, but it goes without saying that straddling the chasm between claiming to do something and achieving it is tricky.

The evils of idleness coupled with procrastination can ultimately spell unpleasant consequences as the final bell tolls.

Know your strengths and pull through with true exhibition of abilities.

We’re not talking about the moon landing here, folks. If it’s in your grasp, just get out there and do it. If you mess up, learn your limits.

We have got just about enough sitting ducks who love talking shit;  the world needs more girls and boys who stand by their maxim.

Photography By: Ved Dubhashi