Being Gay Is Natural; Hating Gay Is A Lifestyle Choice

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         It’s weird when people say “Don’t judge me!” at a time when someone is surely judging them. Judging them hard. Think about it - if you ever heard anyone say not to judge them, you end up judging them like a twenty-man jury. It’s a lot like when people tell you not to look at something and you look that way immediately out of reflex, or how when we see a sale on something, it immediately becomes more desirable. We judge out of life experiences – both others and ours.

I am a straight male, but I have always kept my dating life and interest in girls very secret from my parents. This is only because they are very immature about handling such information and tend bring it up at the most awkward time, in the most awkward company. This leads to strange questions being asked to me.

“You do like girls, don’t you?”

“I hope you aren’t gay?”

“Should we get you tested?”

“Mumma, there is no ‘gay test’ that can be taken. “If you observe my red blood cells under the microscope, you won’t see them doing a vogue-walk, or show a high HaemoGaybulin count.

“But there must be some way to check out this problem!”

Oh, the ignorance, the naivety, the conservatism. It is difficult to convert a conservative in his or her late forties, and the fact that they think you are retarded doesn’t help either. For the ill-informed, homosexuality is not a disease. Homosexuality is a part of one’s mental wiring at birth and is decided by the hormonal exposure to the brain of the fetus. 




It is not “curable”, it is not “unnatural”, it is not “unhealthy”, and it is surely not “ungodly”. If “God” can create an entire Universe, I think he won’t be messing up a thing as simple as who should be attracted to whom. If somebody is homosexual, or transsexual, or anything else, they are as “God” made them.

The questions that homosexuals face everyday must be horrible as well. Imagine somebody asking you (assuming you are straight and stable) why don’t you try dicks out for once, maybe you might like it? It does not work that way at all - the mind is set and clear on what it wants and what it doesn’t. There have been cases of shock therapy and even periodic torture to homosexuals to convert them back. But none of those “experiments” have ever worked. The amount of fear and trouble homosexuals must live in is clearly seen in the term used for someone declaring their sexual orientation: coming out of the closet. It’s funny, because the closet is where people hide when a horror scene is going on. The courage and resolve required to actually come out and face the horror is intense. The fact that saying “Man, that’s gay!” is an insult, really explains that the dehumanization on them is real.

History has innumerable examples of homosexual men of the grand force. Take the example of Socrates (scholastically immortal greek philosopher), Leonardo Da Vinci (genius artist and legendary inventor), Alan Turing (the mathematician who practically changed the tide of the Second World War). More modern examples can be, Freddie Mercury, Elton John, John Travolta, Ricky Martin, Ellen Degeneres, Michelle Rodriguez (who plays the tough chick in The Fast and the Furious saga), Sir Ian McKellen (Gandalf, Magneto, Dumbledore and even Sherlock Holmes!); and then there is always, Neil Patrick Harris. There are homosexuals in every field (screw that stereotype of them all being fashion designers or hair stylists).

The simplicity of it is that people don’t understand homosexuality, so they shun and detest it. Keeping an open mind, and accepting that there can be relationships that cross the boundaries of gender and sex will allow these thoughts to change and go away. On a very personal opinion, I feel extremely sad for homosexuals and wish homosexuality did not exist, or that people had more open minds. But the reality is that people are stupid, and refuse to change their ideologies easily. The only clear way to bring about global acceptance is to shape the generation to come in an open mindset, blocking off the ignorant thoughts from the previous generation.

Macklemore said it perfectly “I might not be gay, but that’s not important. No freedom till we’re all equal, damn right I support it!” – from the song “Same love”. Go listen to it.

Photography By: Mit Ladola