Any Fool Can Make A Rule And Any Fool Will Mind It

Food for Thought



                        A significant yet unknown person once said, ‘Learn the rules so that you can break them like an artist’. Sounds brilliant, doesn’t it? But not everyone chooses to be an artist nor do they choose to be brilliant. Have you ever wondered about the first moment for a tadpole after it turns into a frog? The rule up to that point was hydration, but look how it yearns for land moments after the metamorphosis. Nature is art, after all.

Feels like a usual writer’s rant, doesn’t it? But sadly, your inability to think is also a result of the very topic I’m writing about. Lives have been reduced to Step 1, Step 2, Step 3…and Death. Everyone knows Bernoulli’s principle enough to fill an entire exam paper, but hardly do they know Bernoulli was the name of a Swiss family that produced pioneering mathematicians and scientists.



Now you might argue that rules are necessary for stability, peace, the proper flux of information and so on. Look around and you won’t find any of them. The ability to learn the rules without thought just creates a flock of sheep for wolves to prey upon. The wolves are the ones who learn the rules, and eventually bend them. Look how the jihadists bent the guidelines of the Quran to create a flock of faithful mercenaries who know nothing about Allah or his Mulkh. The CIA creates a mindless group of torture veterans and no one dares question them. Our own politicians find no remorse in rearing a bunch of incompetent imbeciles under the name of frantic supporters who revel in beating the leaders and supporters of the opposition party, or even themselves.

It is disheartening when you realise that the infinite human mind has been reduced to fecal material maimed by misdirected rules and teachings. As George Bernard Shaw put it aptly ‘The Golden Rule is that there are no Golden rules.’ We need to stand as testimony to that statement, which only an intellectual mind would have cared to think about.

As a society, we have been reduced to a cycle; Birth, Survival, Death. The concept of living has been limited to just a few, the remaining mass mistakes survival to living. Eating, working, sleeping and sex aren’t the only things to be desperate for in life. Sadly, this fact is realised only a few moments before your last gasp for breath. The bottom-line? Most of you end up dying as a failure to yourself.

Now, my job here is not to be your nanny and teach you the varied intricacies of life, but to let you know that if you were able to connect with my words personally then I’m sorry, but you are going to be a failure too. Just another sheep to be reared. All I can say is – 

Open up your mind a little more and look at the beauty around you that’s not just clad in shorts or miniskirts. Learn a little more about your existence every day and find true happiness.

Photography By: Sarthak Dubey