Passionate love


               I've been told that we meet people for a reason. They are either a blessing or a lesson. She was neither and she was both. Don't ask me how; even after all these years, I feel like I barely know her. Maybe I'm getting ahead of myself but to be completely honest, I don't know where to start.

The wise would probably tell me to start from the beginning so I'm obviously not going to do that. I think for all this to make sense, you only need to know who she was.

I could say that like most of us she was just another lost soul looking for her place in this crazy world, but that would not be true. In fact, she was the polar opposite. She was someone you could not lose in a crowd. The heavens would be jealous of her snow white skin. Her hair dark like a sea storm, wrecking ships and sailors in it’s way.

How did I come to meet her? Not important, but needless to say, it was not through a cheesy ‘crashed into each other’ thingy. We met like two strangers meet— common friends and a beautiful city.

Our love for travelling, music, and the fact that she had saved the screenshot of Grand Europe Tour Package on her cellphone, were some of the few things that really brought us together. Felt like we were peas from the same pod . Rebellious, angry at the system and young. She was my partner in crime and boy did we have fun. They said we were the rotten apples in the basket; not that we cared. 

Oh and the conversations we had! Wavering, like the smoke from our joint. It was a trance wherein hours turned into minutes, which then turned into these little moments that made me realise how beautiful everything actually was. The sunsets and smoke, boots and long black dresses. It was during one of these high conversations when she just said out loud, “We start from somewhere, end somewhere else and the only thing constant is the flow. It is the flow that makes us what we are, so never cease ever for a moment . Remember that the day you cease, it is the end my love.” I think she was speaking to the universe, not just me.


Crazy girl


I know that every time I saw her my love for her only grew. Yes, I did love her, but you have got to understand that it was not the everyday love. It was a passion— raging and wild, but subtle and mild. I felt I had the will to break the sky, tear the earth and brave the brazing storms; all while sipping on a glass of my favourite rum.

I always try, but I never feel my words do her justice. But frankly, it doesn’t matter, because I doubt you’ll ever meet someone like her and make memories like mine.
Out of all the things she was, she was alive and made me so…

Photography By: Kanika Narang