Adventure And Drama: An Inconvenience Rightly Considered

Food for Thought



             Imagine driving down a road, an absolutely straight one. No bumps and holes, no twists and swirls. No near misses and no sudden breaks.

Yup, keep driving. 

Keep driving. 

Keep driving. 

Still driving. And now you've reached the point where your time is up, you're done.

Bland, right?

Looking at life as this makes me understand that everyone craves a bit of excitement and change. We need the highs and lows. The jump scares, the surprises and the dejections.

But I have met some who disagree. They love the monotony in their lives. They claim they are the trampoline-style black holes— all of life's surprises thrown at them are bounced back. They say they hate change and detest drama.

Well I say, quit being a sissy liar. 

One of my professors is a veteran journalist. Having worked with the big-wigs over the years, he says he has truckloads amount of experience and expertise to call bullshit on this farce. 

In his classes, "What makes a piece “news-worthy” is like the numero uno in the question world.

His answer? 

To paraphrase the entire revelation (which is actually present right in front of our naked eyes)

“We are made up of two humans, in our minds.”


“One is the timid being. He makes us love boredom. It feels good to us, gives off a feeling of safety and stability. Roots us, and well, makes us sensible”

“But he only lasts for a while. You start to get restless. Impatient. Cranky. And enters the brazen being. He is bold, unapologetic and not ashamed of his weakness for DRAMA.” 

I can almost see the other one in the old man’s eyes. He’s louder.

“We need it. Whether it is positive or negative, that doesn't matter. We are suckers for drama and excitement. We love it when things are a little misplaced and off. And when we fail to find that in our real lives, we tap into print and reel stories mercilessly! Binge watching that’s what you folks call it right?”

I swear my mind could justify Simar’s sasural and Piya’s Pehredaar.

Let’s test this theory on a broader budget. Movies. 

Recall all the movies you rushed to the multiplex for. And now recall all those— ‘TV pe dekh lenge’

You don’t buy tickets for hunky-dory, happily ever after ones. You need the back stab, the breakup, the action, the blood and of course, the loudest DOLBY surround sound.

And you aren't the only one guilty of this. Recall the glee on everyone’s face in that hall.

A monkey doesn’t want to buy a ticket to the zoo to watch another one peel a banana. A monkey would buy it to watch the lion roar, the hippo splash and the peacock dance.




These twists are the ones that help us sit straight and fidget less. These characters are the ones who appear insane, to keep our sanity. The drama keeps you alive!

Now, the wilder ones take it up a notch, they can’t just sit back and watch. They must also jump off a cliff, slide on a highway and stare down a volcano. They must feel!

That Feel. That thumping beat through cage. That boiling blood and surging adrenaline. If everything else in your body is there for a reason (even appendix), well then so is this.

The Feel will not come if your life is just one straight line. Medically, you are dead when it is so. Believe it or not, it’s those ups and downs that make you, make me and definitely make those sissies.

Imagine driving down a road, an absolutely straight one. 

Yup, keep driving. 

Keep driving. 

Keep driving. 

Oh no! Your car just got punctured! You push it all the way to the mechanic. 

*Jokes occur. Abuses are hurled.*

Memories are made.

Keep driving, now with a gurgling baby.

You’ve just made your first nappy out of leaves because your baby just shat and there was no shop around you to buy a new one. 

Keep driving. 

The mic just stopped working. You panic and with all that tension, you jump like a ninja and fetch a new one as fast as you can. Your heart is racing. You put the replacement into it's stand, and you release your breath…

Sketch By: Nishtha Gera