A Fixed Point Of View Kills Anybody Who Has One

Food for Thought


          The acceptable truth lies somewhere in between the two extremes. – Anonymous

Generally, I’m wary of generalisations but sometimes you read or hear something that just never leaves you. Every time I see people messing each other up on one issue or the other, the above lines come dancing in front of my eyes. Why can’t one forgo careful consideration or the automatic expression of your personal prejudices and pet peeves? Everyone has to play judge and jury in personal lives, making snap judgements all the time declaring his approval or disapproval of whatever and whomever he/she is observing or experiencing. Lately, this has been happening a lot. Suddenly it seems that we are a society where everyone has a beef with everyone else. And by beef, I don’t mean the meat – lest this piece gets banned.

I realised a few years ago that I have done some things and continue to craft happiness in my everyday life, and figured I should share that with you. Because, heck, you want to be happy too, right?

I have a theory to explain why this is happening and I call it “The Perspective Theory”. According to this theory, each one of us who has a perspective of something tends to believe that it is the only correct point of view. We believe our opinion on the matter is infallible and hence all other views are false. Rationality is the first casualty here and we cling on to our stand, no matter what! Our point of view is built upon thousands of little snap judgments and assumptions we make about who and what we encounter in our lives. This amalgamation becomes so familiar to us that we seldom question its veracity.



Strugglers resent everything that elites say or do but if they switched places, do you think the world would be any different? You, the cool, liberal, English-speaking guy/girl that you are, would you be reading this piece if it were written in Hindi? The mantra seems to be, “if you aren’t like us, you aren’t counted in”. But if we were all alike or think alike, wouldn’t we be just a herd? You are unique by definition. There is only one you. Don’t follow the crowd all the time. Be a little daring or different. Add to this the fact that we are the most judgmental and argumentative folks on this planet and you have a mess that’s beyond fixing.

The problem with “acceptable truth” is that everyone has to concede some space which, by very definition, is against our nature. Hence my “perspective theory”. Now you may have a different theory of your own but don’t bother sharing. Even if you do, I won’t care less about it because I am happy on my perch, “in my own bubble”. This might piss you off because I am defying your need for me to be a certain way, but I am stronger than that. I can follow my own path to happiness.

Photography By: Kanika Narang